Paintings that "bomb out"

Do you sometimes post a painting at DPW, to find that it “bombs out” on the stats…in other words, the number of views that it gets are far lower than most of your other pieces? This has happened to me a few times, with paintings that are reasonably in line with my usual style, yet for some reason they hit the bottom as regards numbers of viewers. One of these “low view” pieces actually got sold elsewhere recently, so it’s a funny old game.

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It just shows Christine ‘there is no rhyme nor reason’ as they say…I have found similar occasions.

It could be the day or when you posted it. If you post it closer to the midnight hour, it has less time to be seen. Or, may weekdays has less viewers than weekends. Who knows, just some thoughts.

So, may I ask:
What time do you consider to be the best time to list artwork on this site?


If I upload a new painting, I choose to start it running on the front page on the following day…so if I upload on a Wednesday, I select the following day on the calendar for it to go on the front page. That should give maximum runtime.

Sometimes there must simply be a low volume of viewers across the site especially when you are on the front page.The viewers and buyers are not a monolithic bloc and the mix of which individuals are on and when also is significant. Some subjects are more popular than others, some are common with many posted and sometimes the thumbnail presentation just does not do the original justice. When you check your thumbnail on the site make sure it is bright enough. Beyond that selling art is a most dubious enterprise, but continue to observe, there are nuances of worth to be discerned.

Sometimes it helps not to even look at the stats. You actually don’t want that to sway you from what you love to paint and what your signature style is/or is becoming. (We all change over time). It’s kind of like chasing the stock market … you don’t want to sell after the bottom has hit. After all, lots of those stats are those who love your painting and want to paint like that so are looking at what you are doing but aren’t really buyers. There is a lot to what others stated before, it can have a lot to do with timing. And really who cares? So your stats are higher. In the end, does someone buy a painting you love and that they love? That is what really matters.


I will admit that I am one who looks to find inspiration and get some idea of what is going on.

I’ve posted a painting which got low viewership stats, yet sold elsewhere. I think the reason was my photo did not do it justice.