Paintings on wooden panels - frame or not?

Do you think art collectors prefer wood panel paintings to be available framed or unframed?
I have always asked myself this question, because canvases are easy to hang even without a frame, while wooden panels cannot be hung without a frame.
Which solution do you adopt?

You can always cradle a wood panel, so its like a stretched canvas. I paint on wood panels and sell them unframed with the option of framing it, for an extra fee. If you paint on standard sizes, it’s easy for them to buy a frame and just drop the painting in after removing the glass and matt. Selling unframed paintings on wood panels makes shipping easy and affordable.

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I agree with you. I ordered the adhesive hooks, they should arrive on Friday, I want to test their resistance, if I am happy with them, I will sell my paintings on wooden panels with these invisible hooks, this way the buyer will be free to frame or hang it without the frame. Thank you for your answer.

You don’t need the hooks, if you cradle your panel. Cradling a panel is gluing mitered wood strips behind the panel. 1/2 x 1. Then you can use D rings and wire.

I did some work on cradled panels that I bought already assembled, I didn’t like them because the surface was plywood. Your idea of cradling the panels is excellent, I could cradle the panels that I have already painted, in this case no hook is necessary.

If you make the panel yourself out of birch plywood which is available at most home stores in the lumber section, the surface is much more pleasing. The cradles are fairly easy to construct and apply. I have tried different manufacturers of panels and have found the more economical panels to be inferior in construction. So since I had the tools to do simple construction, I began to make the panels myself.

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I could also apply the cradles on MDF panels, I don’t like plywood very much. The problem is that I don’t have the equipment to cut 45° corners. Do you have the equipment?

If it’s small they can display it on s table or shelf with a little easel.

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