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Painting Websites

(grace diehl) #1

What is your favorite website(s) for looking at paintings?(of course, besides DPW :smile:)

(Dina Roosth) #2

I love to look at art on Pinterest. This usually leads me to lots and lots of artist’s websites that are diverse in style. The only problem is that before I know it, I’ve spent a couple of hours doing it!

(Dave Casey) #3

I like to check in and see what’s new on websites like Saatchiart.com or Vangoart.co. And like Dina, I can waste WAAAAY too much time on Pinterest.

I think the place I see more art though, is the opening page on my browser. It is my Feedly RSS feed from all the art blogs that I follow, which numbers at around 200.

(Corinne Aelbers) #4

This isn’t actually a website . . . but I love google images when looking for all kinds of inspiration . . .

(Monica Patel) #5

I recently opened a facebook page and liked lots of art websites such as Royal Academy of Arts, Artists Daily, Life of Van Gogh, Still Life art groups and many more, art information is so vast, i’ve learnt so much already fantastic way to meet like minded people.

(Shelley Breton) #6

Lines and Colors Blog, by Charley Parker…I check it almost daily. www.linesandcolors.com