Painting on a canvas print

Hello all!
I was wondering if I could oil paint on a canvas print? Anyone experimented with that process?
Recently I gifted a canvas print to one of my cousins and the print was not so great, so thinking of re touching with paint, though I doubt if it will stick!
Thanks for any insight given!

It is my understanding that you should not. A canvas print (#1) is usually not on real canvas/linen (#2) has not been prepared with a gesso or ground. For a print, gesso is not needed because they have used inks and a regular printing method for the colors. These are normally water-based and will not corrode surfaces like oil-based paints do.

Without a gesso base to protect the surface from your oil paints, mediums and other products used in oil painting, those products will soak through and can eventually deteriorate the surface. They may crack or dry unevenly. And yes, as to your comment, the gesso helps grab and hold the oil paint to the surface. You can find more info on the Grumbacher website.

Thanks! Appreciate your feedback.

I am not an expert on art conservation, so this is just one painter’s opinion. With the right isolation coat between the print and the paint, I think it can be done. I know others do so, and this is how I would do it: mount the print on a rigid panel, then seal it with GAC200. Then for better adhesion of the paint you could apply a thin coat of clear gesso. On a non-rigid surface, another type of GAC might work—experts at Gamblin could advise you on this and possibly on the entire question.

The “master highlighters” for the late, great “painter of light” use acrylics, LOL. And certainly those prints are archival. :laughing: Enhanced Master Hand Highlighting

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Connie, thank you very much! Never had heard of the highlighting! Clear gesso n acrylics together may help, no harm in trying on a small print first! Will try to find more information about the process, appreciate your feedback!

It is doable.
I have repainted the print with oil same way you paint on gessoed canvas.

Thank you for letting me know Bhavana, appreciate it much.