Painting lost in shipping?

So I am reluctantly coming to terms with the fact that my painting got lost in transit to Chile. It was the first time i shipped something to that destination (I’ve only had experience with US mainland, Europe and Australia till now). It’s been a month and a half now and I am planning to refund the payment to the buyer. I felt confident to ship without tracking or insurance… in retrospect, i should have done that. I wonder if anyone has ever shipped to Chile before? Or maybe you have miracle stories when your painting would show up after a couple of months after all hope was lost?

Did you try contacting the shipping company? Fedex, UPS, USPS or another? If you give them both addresses they may be able to see if it at least reached the post office in Chile, before home delivery to the buyer.
Incidentally the link below mentions always putting the both addresses INSIDE the package too because if the package gets damaged during shipping and the addresses are unreadable then it has no where to go. It is somewhere in this world.

This link may help too