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Painting Groups and Plein Air Friends

(Elisabeth Seeger) #1

I live in Seattle and would love to go out painting around Mount Rainier or places like that, would enjoy painting with other DPW painters. Betsy

(Rafael DeSoto Jr.) #2

Check out Meetup.com. That’s where I found local plein-air painting groups.

(Emily Wolfe) #3

Have you discovered the Plein Air Washington Artists yet? I am very excited to go to my first event with them next month.
Check out their event page here.

(Elisabeth Seeger) #4

Thank you, Rafael, will check that out!

(Elisabeth Seeger) #5

Hi, Emily - thank you. I knew about PAWA, but haven’t done much with them because they held most of their events in Whidbey Island or the Peninsula, and the ferry is too time consuming and expensive for me. But I looked again, thanks to you, and see that they have a variety of other things too. Might try again. I live in the SeaTac area south of Seattle.