Paint Markers Advice

I like to use paint markers to write quotes or any words in my paintings. For me, trying to add text with a brush is the quickest way to ruin a painting. I only used opaque paint markers and I’m not too keen on them. Does anyone have any suggestions for good quality paint markers that I can use? Or are there any other methods that you use?

I use both Uni-Posca and Tooli-Art acrylic markers on my acrylic paintings. I have also purchased empty markers and filled with (Golden) High Flow paint with good results. The acrylics will work fine on watercolor, gouache, and other water media but not on oils. Both Uni-Posca and Tooli-Art have an assortment of nib sizes.

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I was going to mention the empty markers you can buy and fill with high flow acrylic paint, but Barbara beat me to it. I have used these with great success, and love that you can put whatever color you like in them. I also feel as though they offer better control over flow than some purchased paint markers.

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I recommend for you Acrylic paint It can be used on almost any surface and create beautiful effects for your paintings.