One quick thing to make DPW Talk better

David, there is NO graceful way to get back to DPW from any of the DPWTalk pages. There is no link anywhere on the pages. You should add a DPW link to the top of the pages so a person can go from them back to the DPW main site.

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Bookmark in your favorites? (Isn’t it already there, anyway? :smile:)

Yes Connie, it is in my favorites. But good website building technique includes a way for a person to return to the Home page without having to open a bookmark window, finding the correct bookmark among the hundreds I have in my Favorites and clicking on it. There should always be a Home link somewhere to click. It would as simple as adding a fifth icon on the upper-right side of the screen and label it Return to DPW Main Site. It could also be set to open in a new tab or window so the Art Talk window doesn’t close.

Hi, @dgcasey, I noticed that DPW art talk does show up as a new tab when I click on it from the Home page. Maybe it’s always done that and I didn’t notice until after I read your post. Is there an option in the browser settings that can be adjusted so that links open as new pages? :neutral_face:

Yes Sharon, the browser is set to open a link in a new tab, and the website is set to do that when you click on the DPW art talk link. The problem comes in when clicking on the links in the email that comes in my email reader. That opens the Art Talk window with whatever discussion I clicked on. But once there, you’re pretty much stuck in Art Talk without going and hunting for the bookmark to go to DPW main site. It’s just a minor thing, but it can be an unnecessary irritant at times.

The obvious one to me is a way to show your work on here? Our little bio sections have no links to our DPW galleries. Someone was asking for feedback on there work but I would have had to copy and paste the name, open a new window, do a search of members on DPW etc. It can be done but more trouble than it needs to be maybe.

Members can include links to their DPW galleries, blogs, etc. in the “About Me” sections of their Preferences. For anyone requesting feedback or wanting their work to be easily found, it certainly makes sense to do so.

Thanks Connie I must have missed that when i setup. Going to check for it now.

Yes there is an easy hyperlink button there. Here is a tip, only the first three lines appear on the shorter pop-up version of the profile so just include it in one of those. To see the rest you have to open someones profile all the way.