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On hold What does this mean?

I am about to be where I can’t ship my large paintings. I was thinking about putting them on hold. What exactly does on hold mean on Daily Paintworks? Or what should I do for the paintings until I can ship them again

On hold typically means someone, a potential buyer, has expressed interest in a painting but the sale has not been finalized. Auctions for example. The artist is waiting for payment to go through before shipping to avoid any problems. Sometimes a buyer in an auction backs out. This protects the artist.
The painting is put on hold so a second person can’t buy it too.
I don’t know of any reason why you can’t ‘put on hold’ your paintings until you are able to ship.
No one will know the reason but you.

I put my paintings on hold when they are in galleries. I think there’s many reason why the artist puts a painting on hold. Explaining it in the description is the best way to let ppl know why you put it on hold ( if you want ppl to know why)

You could just use the “vacation hold” button on the account management page? Saves having to mark each painting individually.

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If I have a sale pending, or if I have just 2 or 3 paintings entered in a show, I put them on hold. If I take a lot of paintings to a show, I use vacation hold. Recently I used vacation hold because I was updating computer stuff. Lots of good reasons to use either hold. Yours sounds perfectly logical.

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