On Hiatus for a while

Just letting people know that I am deactivating my DPW account today. I am taking a look at my art career as a whole and deciding next steps. I’ve been more successful offline than online of late, which is not a bad thing, but I want to direct my next steps and take a bit more active control of my art.

I just read that I can re-join anytime in the future & I might just do that. But I wanted to say good-bye & to thank DPW & all the fine artists on here who have spurred me on to do more & do better.

Good luck everyone with your sales & happy creating!


@Nan_Johnson - we will miss you and your beautiful work! And yes, you can rejoin at anytime and find all your work just as you left it! We wish you the best!

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Nan, I did the same recently for similar reasons.

David and Carol are amazing and the website is more than first class, if that is possible. Certainly, way ahead of others and far more friendly.

The art world is distinctly weird and has been for some years now. One factor that affects art-selling sites is that that really cheap art prevents work that might be better and accurately priced from finding buyers. I have spent very many years researching aspects of selling art and the main sites, plus constantly talking to artists about what they see as their main problem and that is the universal response. Galleries, certainly in the UK at least, have been closing due to a large extent to the ever increasing number of art fairs. It becomes harder and harder to market one’s art and it really is down to the individual artist constantly to chop and change (and research) how they do it, moving from one method to another as the art world moves and shifts. Quick sands spring to mind!

I wish you the very best of luck and, like you, I may return to DPW when the time is right. We can’t turn off the creative tap so we keep going but more time than ever is being spent on the marketing than on the creating, sadly.

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I am also an artist in the U.K. and agree absolutely with Alix. Galleries here are disappearing as people go to art fairs. I know several artists who, with boundless energy do the rounds and manage well. An artist friend and I have work at a cafe however, the cheapest things sell… I’ve also run into shipping/posting problems with high tax/duty charges so I’m hesitant to sell outside of the U.K.

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Goodbye, but not goodbye!
I will continue to follow you on facebook :wink: