Oiling out question

Hello Artists,
I am new to this forum and so my apologies if this not the correct forum to ask a technical question. I have an oil painting that I finished more than a year ago and tucked it away. I really like it but have noticed some sunken or matted areas. Is it wise to oil out a completely dry oil painting.
Thanks so much for any advice!

As long as you haven’t varnished it yet, absolutely. Here’s a video link on it by Gamblin.


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Thanks so much Brian…Much appreciated!!

Agreed. Oiling out is meant to use to prepare for more paint. Don’t oil and just leave it and expect it to dry well. If you have enough paint coverage, and just want to handle the dry/dull/sunk-in look, that is the purpose of varnishing. A complete varnish layer or two on a completely dry oil painting will bring back that glowing rich look – as you’ll see on that Gamblin video.

Thanks for sharing Tammy…very helpful!!