Oil painting on multimedia artboards question?

I have just tried oil paintings on archival multimedia artboards for the first time. I like the surface and I like the price. However, I am wondering if any others had used them and if your buyers feel like the support is somehow “less than” traditional art supports like canvas or wood. Thanks for any replies!

I don’t think the use of hardboard supports like Gessobord and similar products has affected my sales. The are definitely easier to ship. I don’t use them for larger works though.

Hi Dana,
I had a teacher (back in the day) that absolutely would not let us paint on canvas board…hard board panels were acceptable, but not canvas board…although he did say they were o.k. to “practice” on…isn’t all art practice? So we were really restricted to stretched canvas and hardboard panels. I do admit I love the bounce and soft thudding of the brush on stretched canvas!