Oil paint sinking into cheap canvas

I needed an 8x10 cotton panel fast (which I didn’t have) so I went to a local store that sells art supplies, a few, in addition to computers and office stuff. I am painting an animal for the humane society and trying to get it done fast. Now I have to let it dry since it’s blocked in and after this first pass I can see the paint is somewhat thin, which is ok since I’ll be painting over everything again anyway. Any suggestions on how I can ‘bulk up’ the second round of oil paint? Thank you!

I posted this 2 hours ago, went back to the painting with Lukas ‘Paint Butter’ and it is working beautifully.

Usually using less medium and more paint covers it for the second round. When you buy cheap canvas its a good idea to re-gesso it at least once, maybe twice.

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Thanks George. I’m thinking of round #3 tomorrow after it has dried some more with thicker paint and I’ll get out the trusty palette knife in spots for round #4. Thanks for responding.

Best of luck with it, Patricia. Be nice to see the finished product.

I agree with George. I always gesso at least one layer, even on better quality pre-gessoed canvas. I would do at least two coats on a cheap canvas. Use no medium if possible on the second layer, or at least don’t add oil to your paints.

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I agree with other painters, no medium would keep it together.

If you are a novice in painting, these canvases seem perfect for you. I have been using these boards since the time I started painting. As a beginner, I only have a limited budget and did not want to waste money on expensive canvases. But, to my surprise, these products exceeded my expectations.

I bought gesso and have gone over the surface with that. After that I tone the surface with acrylic paint. Works fine.

I had this exact problem and I sprayed the underpainting with universal acrylic varnish. Not fine art varnish, like exterior house paint varnish that can be used on ironwork.
This isn’t really a good idea for the long run, but I was playing around, It did speed up the painting, but then took forever to dry.

I second the idea of adding a layer of universal primer. You can also make your own primer without the acrylic.