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Offering prints

(Jacinthe Rivard) #1

I’ve had requests for prints. I’ve been thinking about offering them for a while but I have so many questions about it!! I’m hoping someone with experience can help me.

  • What is the best online place to order from
  • Do I absolutely need to have my art scanned or professionally photographed. Is my new Iphone picture good enough for same size or smaller prints or should I use my Nikon camera?
  • I’m going to my first outside art show. What “merch” should I bring to sell? Prints, greeting cards…
    Thank you so much!

(Marnie Bourque) #2

I have created prints. You can do them yourself, with a great printer, or upload an image to fineartamerica, or image kind.
I create images by scanning my art with a canon scanner, then “stitching” them together in photoshop.
I then print on my Epson artisan printer and matt with matts I purchased from matboardand more.com.
I think you can get a good image from a Nikon, but I do not think your camera will do.
As for the art show, bring business cards and a variety of priced materials. I found the lower priced moved faster, but it depends on what your crowd is at the show.
Good luck!

(Jacinthe Rivard) #3

Thanks for sharing your process! I really appreciate it!