October Frame Sale

In the past I think Carol has mentioned Franken Frames, so because people here sometimes ask about frames, I want to give them a shout-out. Currently (October) they are having 30% off sale on frames & UPS shipping for orders over $130. I recently bit the bullet for frames for some larger pieces I hope will sell. I placed the order without noticing and applying the discount. The next day (yesterday) I was going to ask about it and found they had already applied it anyway, saving me about $90. So nice, and their frames are beautiful and packed impeccably.

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FrankenFrames are affordable and their sales are good, but do be aware that most of their wood-looking frames are actually wrapped in wood grain printed vinyl. They do have a few frames that are actual wood. Just be aware and choose wisely. I also like webpictureframes.com

I get my frames, wholesale from JFM enterprises out of Norcross, Georgia. Nesr Atlanta. Prices are amazing. Quality and customer service is tops. They like many others are having some problems with supply chain issues, but still much to choose from. You do need a resale number and business license to purchase from them

Thanks, I bought from them years ago and had forgotten about them!