New Theme Pages

The Gallery Theme pages are awesome! Thank you for doing the work to make this possible!

Are gallery theme pages something new? Can you point me to the support page for them? Thanks!

I came to say the same! So coooool. Love it.

I love hearing the new themes and customization features are appreciated! It’s an important part of us letting our artists know that their DPW Gallery is a great stand alone art website.

There’s not a lot you need to know about using themes. Click the tab with the gears up in the left corner of your gallery (on a computer or tablet) when signed in. Pick a starting theme and then optionally customize it. Most importantly, no one other than you will see any changes until you publish them.

You can click the blue circle with the question mark up in the themes slideout to read more. This opens the same help window that auto opens when you visit your gallery. By the way, when that window opens, you can click the “Don’t Auto Show” button to keep it from popping up every time.


This is better than a chocolate bunny for an Easter gift! I am so thrilled I can hardly wait to list some more of my art. My art looks so much better on the colored background and I like how the proportions change to match the image I uploaded. Season’s greetings to you and many thanks!


Love those themed pages. Thank you, David and Carol!

Thank you, David! Love the new theme pages. It’s fun to play with all those choices.

Love the new theme pages!

Those are great! Just changed mine. Thanks for doing that, really dresses things up.

Yes, thank you so much for the new theme pages. Now I feel as if I have a true art website. And I even found a font that looks similar to my signature on my paintings!