New "Subscribe" Feature

How do you know if you have subscribers? Not quite sure how this new feature works, are you notified and then create a template or what? Thanks in advance for any input. Have not been able to paint for quite some time, and just now getting to where I can!

I’d like to know about this as well.

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I don’t understand how this feature works either. :woman_shrugging:t2:
Daphne Boder

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If you are a member artist, you can access the Art Alert Guide from your welcome drop down menu (on a computer or tablet):

In summary, Art Alerts are emails you send out to a list of people who subscribe to them from your DPW Gallery website. You can send out an Art Alert email with a message and one or more works of art in it or just a message that can have embedded images in a newsletter fashion.

The purpose of Art Alers is to help you stay in touch with your followers and let them know when you have new art up on DPW. They are template based and very easy to author, pulling in art and info already in your DPW Gallery.

The pricing model of Art Alerts is radically different from that of most other marketing email providers, such as Mail Chimp and Constant Contact. We have structured the pricing to be artist friendly. As such, you only pay for the emails you send out, unlike the previously mentioned providers, with whom you pay for the contacts/subscribers you have. With that approach, you pay even if you don’t send out any emails. With Art Alerts you don’t.

On top of that, Art Alerts cost much less than what the other providers cost per email at 50 cents per 1,000 emails. Sending 10 Art Alert emails each month to 2,500 contacts would cost $12, taking into account the first 1,000 being free each month. Those same 2,500 contacts would cost you $34 a month with MailChimp and $70 a month with Constant Contact!

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DPW doesn’t currently notify you when you have new subscribers, however, you can open your Art Alert Manage from your Welcome drop down menu at the top of your DPW Gallery Website to quickly see how many active subscribers you have. Then, from that same manager, you can author and send out new Art Alerts.

Because of their no commitment, pay as you go, pricing, Art Alerts are a great complement to an existing newsletter. And, you can easily import your existing contacts from other marketing email providers.

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