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New sites or opportunities?

I recently received:
“Great artwork - I recently launched a new social network for the art community - (link removed) - It is a FREE platform for artists and buyers to connect, share, talk about and sell art. It would be great to see you and your work on . It is a growing community of artists and enthusiasts. Please check it out, and join. Thanks.”

Seems legit. Anyone else on there, or know anything about it?

Also, any other places you have found to market or sell? I think I’ve exhausted my search and am painting to paint and grow because I love it so much. I have had a lot of family ask for paintings which is keeping me busy and increasing my skill because I would not normally do some of these…so all is good. For now. How about you?

Hi Sunny,
Do you have any more Info on the site. I looked at the link, but it offers the choice to create an account. I was looking find out a bit more about it please. Thank you.

Hi Joseph, I just removed the link because I see what you are saying, it is a pop up to join and it is different from when I first saw it. So I don’t know why, but looks like just a person who is trying to start a site.

But I am leaving the rest of my post to see if anyone has another site that would be good.

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I got the same message, and when I followed the link, I saw the pop up too, but it can be just closed, and you get to see the art. (Still, I don’t think it’s a very good idea to show the pop up first, I’d think it’d be better to show the paintings, and then - if one wants to sell or buy - show the option to sign in or create an account). I tried to find some user reviews about this site, but haven’t found any… Maybe it’s just brand new. Sunny, if you decide to join, please tell us about your experience!

I tried to find a site that gives traffic reports from any site you enter but the first 4 had pop ups and ads so I gave up. @Connie_McLennan gave a site for that once on a post but I couldn’t find that either. :disappointed:

I would guess this was just a start up site anyway.

Is anyone selling on facebook? I keep getting little ads asking me if I want to sell there but I haven’t looked into pros and cons yet. Just thought I’d give a shout out to my homies! (yeah, too much time with my son, can ya tell?)

The “Marketplace” on Facebook is more of a garage sale than a way to sell art. I posted a piece there and got not interest. Maybe crafts would sell. They don’t have a “fine art” category. There are Group pages by which you can sell your art.

Oh ok thanks Andrea! :smiley:

I have paid for some advertising on Facebook art page for my showings only. I can’t tell if any new people came to them. I think I was better of doing the free invitation through Facebook. I did gain some “likes”. and followers. Instagram seems to have better results for some of my fellow artists. No, I’ve never sold through either site.

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I like my blog for creating interest, which I link to my FB page and DPW site. I put the link for my art into the blogpost so people can click and see. Still, the big part of selling online is creating your presence or personal touch so people can believe in you and your story. They have to trust you before they buy, usually. Most of my sales are personal contacts and friends of past customers.

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I recently set up the SHOP that comes with a Facebook business page and just sold a painting.
TIP: If you share a product (i.e, a painting) to your page, Facebook doesn’t put it in anyone’s feed and it will get approx. 4 views. It’s better to post the painting and suggest they click the SHOP tab, if they want more info.

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Thanks Trisha, will give it a shot.

Some links are just connected to website traffiking scams. be careful

Hi Trisha,
Thanks for the info. Might I ask if the cost is reasonable, as I might give it a try at some stage. Thank you.

Hi Joseph,

There isn’t a cost for the “shop.” It’s just a feature of a business page. Facebook offers payment processing for purchases which I think is how they make money. Or you can link to another website with purchase buttons – which is what I do since I wouldn’t want a painting to accidentally be sold twice. You could link to the page on DPW where the painting is offered for sale.

If you want to see the SHOP on my FB page, click here.

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I had this set up before but it seems not to be now, I will rectify. I like the way yours looks, your art is so beautiful.
I must admit I have been a little lax in the whole business end of ‘my stuff’ these days. Ha ha, I remember this time last year I was exactly the opposite! Then I was too much time on the biz end because I wasn’t in the painting ‘zone’.

Oh well, some day I may find the balance, but I am still enjoying it all. :smiley:

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Thank you Trisha for the link and info.

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Beautiful paintings Trisha.

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I’ve advertised classes on FB as well as exhibitions and paintings and have received 0 response. Now they won’t let me post anything on a regular page without a reminder to ‘boost’.