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New Shipping Options

Can’t see if anyone else has posted anything about the new facility re shipping profiles, but may I give my thanks here to the team for providing them? I am pretty dreadful at remembering or writing down exactly what prices I have quoted for dispatch to various countries…having the profiles makes things so much easier, especially when sending different sizes and weights of paintings (canvas and board versus paper, for example). In addition it saves me having to rush to xe.com to convert everything from sterling to dollars, after I’ve forgotten the prices!

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I like it too Christine. For me, there is simplicity in one click each time I upload. I am trying out ‘free shipping’ to see how it affects sales. Only downside…I felt I needed to change all my existing posts to match and I might lose out on some older paintings which are at a lower price.

I would do free postage on higher-priced work (say £100+) and for a repeat buyer… but I haven’t done anything on that price- scale at DPW. At least we don’t get nagged to do free postage like we would on Ebay!

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