New on site new artist

I am just starting my art journey. I have done lots of crafts and some collages. I am going to start painting with acrylics and wonder if this a good site for me. I haven’t done my 500 paintings/10,000 hours, just starting! Actually, in the past I’ve maybe done 5 or 6. I would like a community where I can receive feedback, learn and grow. Obviously not ready to sell, just learn. Oh, I have done some drawing, long way to go for that also. I am not good but I believe I can learn.

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Hello MaryAnn,
I’m excited for your new art journey!! People are very helpful on this website, but if you’re looking for a real community of continual support, I’d suggest you also check out Facebook groups designed for that purpose.


Art gives joy and heals the soul! Experience, skills and beautiful drawings will appear step by step. Good luck on this wonderful and inspiring journey!