New here; type of PayPal account?

I’m new here, just starting to set up my gallery, and don’t know much about PayPal. I assume that I need a PayPal business account, rather than a PayPal personal account. Is that correct?

No, not necessarily. You can collect money through a personal account. It depends on how much business you are doing.
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I still have personal. You can always change it at some point if you choose to do so. At tax time I just list theones I need to.

You really don’t, b/account will bring more insights, but more complicated and probably not worth it if you don’t make at least $1-2K a month. And I don’t think you have to when you are paying your taxes.

Would you mind elaborating on that? I don’t really understand what you mean.

Hi Linda,

I too recommend a personal account, especially if you are paying taxes as a sole proprietor in your own name.

  • David

I have a PayPal personal account too. The only issue I have with them is they always hold the funds for 21 days. They say you can speed up the release by providing the tracking number and proof of delivery, but when I provide that information it still takes 21 days. Otherwise, they’ve been pretty good and the fees aren’t too much.