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New camera for plein air shots

I’m looking at getting a new camera for plein air shots to take home . I want to keep it in my plein air backpack. I have a small digital camera, but they don’t make chips for it anymore. I also have a Polaroid spectra camera, but film is hard to get for it. I think I like regular film cameras than digital. I like having the picture with me back at the studio, not on a computer. I’m looking to be at $200.00 or less. What do you all use. Thank you.

If you have a phone you can print out from that and you won’t have anything extra to carry around or spend money on.

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Thank you. I’ll check into that.

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You can find used Canon Power Shot cameras for under $50 these days…think they have around 5 - 8 mega pixels which gives you pretty good sharpness. I’ve had a few of these and they are very good all round cameras.

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I would use your phone. The new ones take as good or better photos as any point and shoot

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Thanks your right. I’ll give that a try.

I use my iphone camera, then transfer to computer or ipad to get a larger view. My opinion is that the plein air painting you do has far more information than any photo you could take. I frequently redo the painting back in studio using my plein air version as a reference and any photos if I need more detail. I guess since I do more studio work in the winter, I do rely on photos more. But I’m not looking to duplicate the photo, so having high quality photos are not necessary for me.

I agree , I’m using my studio more now for winter. Thank you.