New - any advice?

I have 21 days left on my free trial, and have uploaded ten art pieces so far which have gotten a few views, but nothing spectacular yet. Any useful tips or tricks for this site?

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no tricks, paint more, grow your audience. It will take a while


It is you who must find ways to drive people to your website. Mary Gilkerson shares ways to do that, and she give much of her information for free.


Making money with art is like a three-legged stool. (1) You need to make something people want. (2) You need to get it in front of the people who want it. And (3) You need to make it easy for them to buy. If any one aspect of this is missing, then it doesn’t work.

DailyPaintWorks makes it easy for people to buy, right? So it’s probably not that.

You can use platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Tiktok, etc. to build a following, but the eventual goal is to get your followers on your own mailing list. You control your list. If the algorithm changes on the platform, you can be SOL, so build you list.

My friend did something brave a few years back. She showed her friends pieces of her artwork. On 3"x5" cards, she asked them to rank the paintings in the order they liked them with an explanation of why – and to list the reasons they disliked the least favorite ones! It was quite revealing.

I notice the art on your “about” page is a cartoon you made. Your personality shows through in it. It’s distinctive, different. Have you considered doing something with your cartoons?

A guy in England became a sensation drawing quirky pet portraits.

I noticed a gal on Etsy doing something similar who calls herself The Subpar Artist." She does quirky celebrity portraits.

I’m not saying copy them, but see if they give you any ideas. :+1:

Just one random person on the internet’s thoughts. Only you know what’s best. :heart:


Thank you everyone for taking the time to reply. I was wondering if there was any site-specific things to know, but it sounds like maybe not - put in the time and do the usual promotion. There are days when I feel like the best-kept secret on the internet, but then I remember how many others are vying for the same eyeballs.

There is no secret really. And even if someone claims to know the secret - watch out for the scam. Even if someone is lucky to sell and trying to “teach to sell” - there is no guarantee it will work for you. But it does not mean you cannot try. Sure, try a lot, notice what worked and what did not. Trial and errors :slight_smile:

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Paint paint paint! It takes years but the fun part is painting, so the journey is soooo worth it :blush:! Just think of it like school, it took years from kindergarten to your senior year to be educated enough to get into college… it’s the same with painting but oh so much more fun than sitting in a classroom IMO!


I use social media and my email contacts to drive collectors to this site. I’ve been an artist on daily painting for 4 months. I do a dozen or more plein air events every year and always hand out business cards. I paint every day, but I also market every day. Good luck

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Здравствуйте! Я хочу спросить. Что можно ответить на “Я люблю это”?

  • “ Thank you “ , “Thanks a lot” :sweat_smile:

Good luck with your work I really wish you the best!
Kodi nox .

I’m new here too and I don’t exactly understand what the site is about. The “About DPW” page says it’s a family business and then goes on to explain how buyers can purchase artworks, and that’s about it. Can someone explain to me how it works for artists who want to sell their works? Thank you.