My wish for DPW

I love DPW and really appreciate all David and Carol have done to make this site easy and useful to use. I do have one wish.
I would love to have a place at the top of each category page to write a few sentences regarding that particular category. For example:
I have a category called SOLD. This lists paintings I have sold, naturally. But I still offer these images as prints or note cards. I can type this out in the description for each painting, but if there was a box at the top of the category page I could write: "These painting are sold, but still available as note cards and prints."
Another category I have is FOOTHILLS. I could write that the paintings in this category were painted in the foothills in the California Gold Rush Country.
This would be a big time saver for me not having to write this for each painting.

I am not sure if it could be done, but sure would be nice! 8>)