My Highschool Art Teacher

Honestly this has been the worst teacher I had all around but what I found out he did I can’t even believe it. Today was the last day of the tri so I wanted my art work. So I asked the girl next to me if we ever got this piece back because it was in an art show turns out he sold it! Since when can you sell someone’s art without their permission!

Is this a real post?

Yes this is real it just happened to me

Hi, welcome to Art Talk Amber! I just wanted to make sure you were real because you just joined…

Are you sure your art was sold? You say it turns out that’s what happened but I wonder if you were misinformed and someone has your check or your art is hanging around somewhere. I find so many people will give you bad info.

No, that isn’t right if your art has indeed been sold! My daughter’s art school sold the work in shows and gave students 2/3 of it.

I taught art in Jr. Hi for 32 years. We had many student art shows, but never would I have sold a student’s art without permission. I suggest you go to the teacher to make sure this really happened. Express your feelings and say you are not happy with your piece being sold. Be nice and not angry. You will get better results that way.

Are you sure there was not an understanding that artwork would be for sale at this show? Surely you should receive the money from the sale.

If your painting was sold, and there is nothing more you can do about it, take solace that selling a painting is a compliment to your artistic efforts! Many artists never sell anything! So keep painting/creating and enjoy the process! You have many more masterpieces to create. And learn from the experience for future shows.

I would question this with the school Principle.

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Yes I’m sure he sold the art because that’s what he told the whole class not just one girl and I’m also sure the art show was not just for selling as I’ve been in it before and I guess I’d be okay ish with it if I got my money for it but I made my piece very personal and it was for me not someone else

That’s even worse that you made it for you! So sorry. I would def talk to everyone involved, not just that teacher. Especially the administrator or principal or whatever that person is called. That stinks! (to use a forum friendly word.)