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My DPW site is invisible to Google in general searches - help?

Let me clarify - if I search for my name and say, art - no problem. However searching for "landscape painting (insert your town here), “original art” or other phrases someone might use when searching for new art on a local level, I’m nowhere to be found - I went 14 Google pages deep. I use keywords and search phrases every time I post a painting. I have my own URL which points at my DPW site. How can I/we get more SEO attention to our DPW sites?

I’m far from an expert here and don’t claim to know the answer, but if you think about the term
‘landscape painting’ how many landscape paintings must there be in existence?
Hundreds of thousands? Millions? Possibly approaching billions?

Even if you are more specific, say ‘pear oil painting’ there are probably still hundreds of thousands of oil paintings of pears out there. Whatever you post, unless it is very specific is going to get lost in many similar items.

I think the answer is not to rely on just one platform to get your work seen.
Some of my most viewed paintings are pieces that I have posted on multiple platforms that have ultimately led people back here.
Then if do a search for that item in google I can usually see it within the first or a few pages. I’m no expert but it seems to be something to do with how many clicks that picture has had in it’s lifetime out there on the internet.

It can also be to do with luck. Sometimes someone posts one of your paintings on pinterest. Then they can get shared again and again. This is not a bad thing as it can draw people back here. In turn it seems to help get your painting higher up in a search engine search.

I hope that helps.

Make sure the terms like “landscape painter” that you want searched for, are used in you DPW bio, and in other places like your Facebook “about”, on Instagram, Linkedin etc.

Steve, I’m not an expert but you may want to contact admin. to see about getting a dedicated website name which would be hosted by Go Daddy for example and then used on DPW like I did. GoDaddy
website hosting is about $30 per year and you can transfer your domain name to wherever you like or even leave it with GoDaddy and use their web design tools. People can search my name now and find me instantly. Not sure if that would be the case if you were searching only by descriptors like " Landscape Painter" for example.

I have website on DPW with my own name and just for curiosity did search for recent abstract painting - “Abstract Color Circles painting”, and I found it on the first page of Google! Amazing! I couldn’t find any other paintings - like my older Alaskan, or fantasy. The one difference - I did a blog post recently for those abstract circles paintings. May be that will work?