Must I sell a painting I post on my Webpage?

I am very close to joining up and am wondering if I must sell the paintings I post on the website.
Some of them are the ones I made to keep busy and others are really not good enough to sell.
I also live in the Philippines so the postage mailing out will be at least $10 US.

If you plan on selling paintings, join DPW! You do not HAVE to sell the paintings you post - for example, I post paintings I’ve pre-sold (commissions) just so people can see my work in case they want to commission a painting. However, you mention “some not good enough to sell” - I don’t think I’d post work that is not up to sellable quality as it gives people an impression you may not want them to have. You could have a blog (free on Blogger) where you can post works that are experiments or ‘fails’ just talking about your journey as an artist. But my feeling is only put in your DPW gallery works you could sell or have sold. Others may feel differently…

If you are just wanting to join a group to make art for fun and have some other artists to chat with, perhaps a free group like or, or some others on Facebook would be good?

I can see where your painting skills are far above mine and that you are in a better position to market your talents than I am.
I know that I can join wetcanvas and have been there for several years.
I thought perhaps I might be able to market some of my works here.