Moving paintings from blog to DPW

Hi! I am new here trying to figure out my way around the site which looks very cool. I see a lot of familiar people!

I have a blog with a bunch of paintings, is there an easy way to move an old painting from the blog and all it’s information to here? Right now, I find a painting, find the file on the painting, enter it in here, copy and paste, title, size, key words, etc.

In a word, no.
You’re talking about migrating a post on a site (probably WordPress?) to another site that has a different format for users.

It’s Blogger, wanted to move paintings from there to DPW. I have it set up so if I put a new painting up on Blogger it automatically moves from Blogger to DPW. I was hoping I could move the older paintings to here easily.

Thanks much for getting back to me.

Hi Lori, nice to see you here, welcome to the DPW! You might be able to save yourself a bit of time by right clicking on the blog images and saving them in a new file. This may help time searching through archives of painting files. You will still have to add painting info, size, price etc.

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Hi Linda, Thanks loads, that should help a lot! I think that was the most aggravating part, hunting through the archives. Good to see you here too and thanks for the welcome!

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