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Making craft from the junk

Has anyone here tried making creative crafts using the junk? Here is an interesting article for the craft lovers, some upcycling ideas (https://www.jiffystorage.com/blog/junk-recycling/5-ways-reduce-junk-home-recycling/) for making a craft with the unused materials. There are many ways you can create an art out the junk. Some of my friends even made bags using the old clothes. I was surprised and thought to make something like they do. I would like to get your insights on this.

I have not used any of the items in your article but I have done a couple of the photos in this video I happened to see today:

(I hope that link works!) I made the stool with the jeans in the 80s for my brother in law who still has it…teacups into birdseed feeders, silverware into lots of things, my son has made lots of robots and animals out of all kinds of things since he was about 8 years old.

Wow!! Stool with jeans?? How did you do that?

This isn’t mine but it looks almost exactly like it: except I think the pockets of this one are facing the wrong way.