Looking for Model Release Forms

I’m looking for advice and / or links for a release form for models.
I was at a studio where a model was provided. We could sketch, paint and photograph all for a small fee. No release form was signed. I find myself now with a finished piece but without the proper permissions.
Any help?

I recently had a “paint night” that I taught recorded. The videographer had everyone sign a release form. It was called a “talent release form” and she may have written it herself but you might be able to find one online by doing a search under that name. Good luck!

Hi Lori, I found one on Scott Burdick/Susan Lyon’s joint website that he has for anyone to copy and paste for free. A ton of other useful information on that page as well.

Thanks so much Sue and Dalan. If it’s good enough for Scott Burdick and Susan Lyon it’s certainly good enough for me. :slight_smile: