Looking for an at-home printer suitable for Art Prints

I’m researching printing prints of my art at home. Does anyone have any experience with this?
Would love some printer/ink/paper recommendations. Thanks!

I print my own greetings cards using an Epson printer and Epson Claria inks with Epson photo paper. I am happy with the results.

Thanks Anne, do you know what model Epson you have?

Yes, it is Epson Stylus Photo RX560. It is a printer and scanner/photocopier too.


I have an Epson Workforce 7510 that I bought about a year ago. They probably have a newer model now. This is a large flatbed printer that will do larger prints and scans. I love that I can put 11 X 14 or larger stretched canvas paintings on my scanner and scan them in instead of trying to photograph. You can check amazon for a newer model. This one is pretty easy on ink and does good work. I have also used it to reduce my work and make magnets or backings for glass pendants, cards and thank you cards, etc.

I tried this years ago with a big 11 x 17 inch Epson printer. It turned out to be way too much trouble and expense with the ink and the paper and the time involved. The time was spent in tweaking the image in Photoshop, printing test prints, finally getting it just right and then having the printer start streaking or having a clogged ink nozzle. It was maddening! The special archival inks and paper were very expensive.

Finally, I realized that I could save time and money simply by uploading my images to online printing services such as Vista Print or iprintfromhome or FineArt America and/or many others and printing to order.

Things may have changed in the technology since I tried this, but, it is something to think about.

I have an Epson large flatbed printer/copier/fax combo. Had some trouble with it in the beginning but sent it tonan authorized Epson repair shop and now it works fine. This one prints up to 13 x 19 inches and what i like best is i can put an 11 x 14 canvas on the glass and make brilliant images for prints. This model sells for aroune $169!on Amazon…Epson ink is reasonable on printer supply sites like LD Products