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Listing older pieces

I’m just getting started with DPW and wanted to list some older pieces but am afraid they will look “stale” with a created date from a few years ago. I was doing still life’s but got into plein air bit want to sell some of my still lives . Any thoughts on that? If I just varnished them recently, can I say 2021 or is that lying??!!

I don’t put dates on paintings. I have sold some from a few years ago that are just fine. Paintings don’t go out of date!


I’m just using the create date of when I’m adding my piece.

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Maybe as artist we over think the date. Realizing most galleries have rules about keeping things fresh. I believe if a piece of art hasn’t found the right buyer doesn’t mean it’s not a good piece of art. I do not put the date on my work. I do keep a personal record of my art. So posting something on DPW that’s new to the site then following posting rules I would think is okay. Follow site rules thereafter…

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Great idea Never thought of that.