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Listing NFS work and/or listing same painting more than once?

Have noticed both of these. What are benefits of listing NFS work and reasons for listing same painting more than once? Thanks!

Many of us use the DPW site as our website, and maybe have a free Blogger blog also. The DPW site is perfect for showcasing all of your artwork without having to spend time ALSO updating a website or learning how to set up a gallery on Blogger. So it’s a respository of all your work and people can see your skill, especially if you offer to do commissions. Re listing same painting more than once…I don’t know if that is by mistake or to overcome the rule that the system will not put on front page more than once in six months. I haven’t done that. Maybe you mean have an old painting show up on the front page again vs. listing twice? I will go through older paintings that have not sold and put them on the front page again after the six months because you always have a new audience looking. Have sold many older paintings that way.


Thanks for the good advice. I never thought about putting NFS works on my DPW website.

Thank you, Elizabeth. When a painting is re listed, do you pay double the commission? Sorry, if I have missed this in guidelines.

On DPW, unlike eBay or other sites, you only pay commission when it is sold. The listings aren’t charged a fee.

Paintings should not be listed in DPW more than once. When it is done, it is usually done by mistake. It goes without saying (almost), listing a painting more than once simply to get around the policy limiting how many times and how often a work can be on the “What’s New” page (3 times, no more often than every 6 months) should not be done.

I also wanted to clarify that only sales through DPW Auctions are charged a commission (3%). No other sales through DPW are charged commissions.


David, I always thought that a painting could only be put on the front page of DPW once. Did that policy change? I don’t remember ever hearing of this three times/not more than every six months rule. Is there a knowledge base article available on this policy? If you told us all with an alert, I missed it somehow, and I apologize :slight_smile:


I am not sure when we changed the policy, however it has long been up to three times, not more often than once every six months. You can read more about it here:


Thank you, Carol, I’m very glad I saw this thread. I’ve always had it in mind that the rule was once and only once. I appreciate your clarifying and pointing me to the article. Many thanks!

Thank you to, Everyone for info and comments on this topic. May I ask about DPW’s view on NFS, work in progress, published on home page? Are we allowed to post it to home page as it progresses until it is finished? What is DPW’s view of using home page to advertise classes or shows, etc., instead of our art? Thank you.

The general rule of thumb to follow is only images can be posted on DPW that show a single work of art exactly as you would sell it.



Because not all of my paintings sell in auction, I try to find other venues for them. Most of my NFS paintings are ones that have been sitting in my gallery and I have chosen to gift or donate. By doing this I have increased exposure and actually promoted more sales. As a beginner practice and exposure are my top priorities.