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Lineco Framing Tape..have you used this?

I am trying to figure out how to cover raw wood on the back of some small gallery wrapped frames I just finished. The edges are 1.5" so I have brought the painting around the sides. Looking carefully at the back I see the manufacturer has raw wood on the back that is stapled together and on the 5x7’s it’s a bit rough. I was thinking of running the above mentioned tape all around the back rather than covering the entire back with paper. I would really appreciate any suggestions. I haven’t used this framing tape before and don’t know if it will be thick enough to smooth the rough spots. Thanks!

Raw wood on the back of a canvas is perfectly acceptable. You could consider putting a coat of gesso on it. I have not used the Lineco tape. Most tapes I’ve used loose their adhesiveness over time.

Thanks Tara. By raw wood I should have said the manufacturer caused some splintering where the back is stapled together. I am going to use heavy kraft brown paper and close up the entire back. Unfortunately I did not see this until the painting was complete. This only happened on the 5x7’s, not the 6x6’s!! I think before I close up the back I’ll put a few small pieces of duck tape over the area mentioned…

Couldn’t you just rub some sandpaper over the rough parts?

Not really. Where it has been stapled in the corner it is somewhat splintered (only on the 5x7’s) and I got a little piece of wood under my skin. I think I’ll go with a small piece of heavy duty tape in that area and then cover the whole back with a paper dust cover. Fortunately I only ordered 3 and I think 2 of them will work. After this experience I’m sticking with Ampersand Gessobord. Thanks for writing!