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Know of any painting groups in the sacramento area?

know of any painting groups in the sacramento area?

Sacramento Plein Air Painters on Meetup is a good one.

Thank you…hoping for something a little less structured but will check it out .

Hi Susanne, Sacramento Plein Air Painters is actually not very structured at all. Various artists set up paint-outs and post them, then you just go if you feel like it and sketch or paint in your own way. I especially like the paint-outs in some of the Delta towns like Locke. Maybe we’ll meet at one of them! Cheers!

Let me know when you go !

OK, will do, Susanne!

Meet-Up lists 21 artist groups in the Sacramento area.

  • The aforementioned Plein Air Painters has 563 members and lists 27 upcoming meetings.
  • The Figure Drawing Group has 676 members and lists 111 scheduled
    meetings. It includes Capital Artworks and The School of Light & Color, both of which offer multiple figure drawing/painting sessions/week.
    When you join a group, you get email notices for upcoming sessions/meet-ups.

There are two large Sac area facebook artist groups.

Probably just about every artist you know is in one or the other of these online groups. If you want a specific type of group, you could try starting one yourself and post the information about it in all of these places.

thank you, connie…


There’s a group in Fresno called the Alliance of California Artists – a ways from you, I know; but it might be good to get acquainted for entering shows. Nice people – I just attended a workshop they sponsored.

Thank you, Stevie…you are right, it is a bit far from here!