Jumping from 6x6 to 12x24 still life

I am used to painting 6x6 or 5x7 for mailing convenience and now someone I know wants me to paint a large still life. Is it ‘wrong’ to take subject matter from normal size and blow it up…to fill up the acres of canvas I am anticipating. …or is it considered ‘Contemporary’ and ok?

Patricia, you should take a look at some of Sarah Sedwick’s work. She is one of my favorite painters and pretty much all of her work is larger than life. I have taken a class from her and was amazed how beautiful all of the larger than life paintings were that came from everyone taking the class. Teddi Parker is another great painter on DPW who paints beautifully and larger than life. I even did a 10X 20 for my own kitchen, and to be honest it was hard to paint larger but it did not seem oversized at all.

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Thanks Bobbie, I’ve seen Teddi’s beautiful work and just spent some time looking at Sarah’s gallery. Inspiring!!

Do you like the way your pieces look on a large computer screen. That should be a good indication.

Hi Patricia,
Another good example of striking larger-than-life still life pieces are the marvelous paintings of DPW member, Jacinthe Rivard.

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Thank you so much Helene!! :blush: :slight_smile: