Is there a way to temporarily suspend my account?

Is there is a way to temporarily suspend (or hide) my Daily Paintworks account page for a few months without having to start all over again?

Not sure if a help, but there is a Vacation Mode tab in your Account Info & Bio section. It allows for a message to be sent to anyone who clicks to purchase. There is a brief explanation on the page; seems pretty simple & straightforward (I may need to use this soon myself). I know you can “hide” individual pieces of art in Art Tracking, which would give you an “empty” gallery on DPW, yet still active. One of the other artists may know more or have more suggestions, or the admins may handle long-term requests.

There is the Vacation Mode, which Nan refers to, however your gallery will still be visible and you will continue to be charged the monthly membership fee.

Instead, you can cancel your account on the Billing & Canceling tab on your Account Info & Bio page. When you rejoin, be sure to sign in first with your username and password, so that you will find your bio and all your work just as you left it.

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