Is there a way to see what paintings are viewed in my gallery on a given day?

I haven’t found an easy way to see a summary of which of my paintings are viewed on a given date and the number of views for that painting for each date. Is there an easy way to see this?
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Your Analytics pages:

will show you the views overall and for each artwork by day.

We don’t have a way to show which artwork is viewed on a given day, however.

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Ok thank you for your reply, I was hoping to have the ability to see all paintings viewed on a given day and count of views on each piece for that day.

I agree that would be interesting information and I would love to make it available. The challenge would be the amount of data I would have to collect across all our artists and all their artwork.

Currently I collect total views per artwork but not by day.

It just occurred to me one way around the volume of data issue is to have a sliding window of time after which I delete the data.

It could be a week. So you’d be able to see what artwork was viewed in a given day and how many times but only up to a week in the past.

How does that sound? I guess a better question is would that satisfy your goal for seeing these by day traffic statistics?

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When I drill down under each painting I see the view count in the history per day but it is hard to know what paintings are currently being viewed or are popular. I think that would be a nice feature and others might find it useful.
Thanks for the idea!

Another suggestion is to add your website link to a Google Analytics page. There you would see which paintings were viewed by any day (or range). One caveat is that the counts seem inconsistent depending on where they see your painting. If someone looks just on the “What’s new” or the “Monthly Contest” pages, the counts don’t seem to match on Google Analytics (fewer there), but if someone goes to your gallery specifically, those visits seem to show up. Just another option to try.