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Is there a way to see artists work from these forums?

From reading in these forums, sometimes I see that someone says “I took a look at your artwork”…does that mean that you can click a link, like someones name or picture to get to their gallery? I clicked everything and can’t seem to see anyones gallery. I hope this made sense.

There is, and you can, but only if participants include links to their websites, blogs or DPW Galleries in their Art Talk “Preferences.” If the “Website” space is filled, that shows up as a clickable link under someone’s name when you click their icon, then when the window opens, click it again to go to their profile. Other links can be added in the “About me” section. I just added my DPW gallery and blog to mine. I now see when you do that, it wins you an “Autobiographer” badge. If you click “Badges” in the left column (in Preferences) clicking a badge takes you to a page that shows all of the members who have that badge. Interesting platform. About 20 of us are “Autobiographers” and have added a little information and/or website or DPW gallery links.

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I set my preferences and some of them worked and some didn’t. I entered my website in the website field buy it’s not showing under my name. I know I entered it correctly too. I also noticed that there is a link under my name that says “autobiographer”, but yours doesn’t, Connie. Maybe it’s only because it doesn’t show up under other peoples names or something. ???

Ok, I figured out how to add the link to my profile, or is that the user card.

I can see both your DPW link and your website. You might have to clear your history or cache and reload for the preference changes to show up on your computer. (I had that problem when I first uploaded my avatar.) You won’t see the website in the first window that opens when you click an avatar. You have to click the avatar in that window, which takes you to the full profile. That’s where you’ll see the website under the name (for everyone who has listed it). For people with more than 4 or 5 badges, the Autobiographer badge may be in the “+ ‘X’ More” link.

Connie, I was starting to read an email and/or comment you sent me about my facebook account but i was interrupted. Now I cant’ find the email or the post after searching for about 30 minutes so I give up looking. If you can will you send me a link to the post? Thanks. I guess you have to make sure you read it right away or it’s gone forever.
I really wish there was a way to find your own posts and others that your involved in these forums.

Wow! I think I finally found out a way to do it. These forums are very complicated in my opinion.

To see everything anyone has posted, just go to their profile page. There is a search feature in the upper right-hand corner. Viewing the topics by “category” instead of “latest” sometimes also might help. This forum platform is new to me, but I find it pretty functional once you get used to it.