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Is it safe to use spray fixative under oil?

Occasionally, I will use pencil to sketch on an acrylic gessoed board before applying oil. Because, the oil can pick up some of the graphite I would like to use a spray fixative to keep the pencil drawing in place. Do you think this would affect the integrity of the painting?

As far as I know, that’s part of its purpose. My Utrecht can says"…produces a matte surface that can be worked over easily with most art mediums." I have used it under paintings for years, assuming it’s just a layer of another type of plastic. Lots of information out there:


Thanks Connie for these very useful references.

Most of the online discussion I’ve found seems to be about using acrylic fixative over acrylic ground, but I wondered if acrylic fixative over oil ground would cause any adhesion problems. Hard to say from what I can tell, but I did find what seems to be a credible technique for fixing a charcoal drawing specifically over oil primer. A mix of 4 parts Gamsol OMS to 1 part Galkyd medium applied in a very thin layer over charcoal or graphite using a simple liquid paint sprayer like Preval ( The Preval Spray System (SKU# 0226) ). I’m in the process of trying it out.

If using an acrylic fixative, I’m not sure why you would want to use an oil ground. I think the formula you’re trying should be fine.

Sorry, I guess I didn’t explain it very well. I don’t want to use acrylic fixative. I was looking for an alternative to acrylic that will work with oil ground because I want to keep using my oil primed panels.