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Is it easier to sell a painting that is already framed or hangable?

(Jim Musil) #1

I’ve been considering using cradled panels to paint on because they are often ready to hang without any further framing.

I was curious, does providing a ready to hange frame or a cradled panel help sell a piece?

Thanks as always for your wise input!

(Connie McLennan) #2

IMO, the only thing that sells a painting is the painting–and maybe the artist’s name, if he/she is known. The format details don’t make the slightest difference.

(Bob Kimball) #3

I would imagine that most people would rather frame a painting, unless its a large abstract on a thick 1 1/2 in. canvas. For some reason, it seems like abstracts get away with that easier.
I know there are some collectors that don’t frame paintings but I think that the majority of collectors do.
I expressed in another post about landscape format canvases or panels (5x7) or larger sell better than square format canvases or panels. I would think that not every collector has unlimited funds to spend a lot of money on a custom frame for square paintings.
I think a cradled panel would be a little better since it would provide another choice, but like Connie says, the main thing that sells a painting is the painting itself, and of course, the name.

(Sunny Avocado) #4

I like the look of unframed cradled wood paintings, and that’s mostly what I use. I of course, just do fun little art, nothing too serious or that takes a lot of work…

I do agree, the painting mostly sells the painting… I think a lot of people match their frames with other art in their home, their decor, and then there are some who prefer the artist to frame.

(Sharon Yarbrough) #5

6x6 frames are readily available at online frame shops