Is DPW Adding Code or Cloaking Filters to Deter AI Scraping of our Art?

Hi everyone, I have been reading about how various AI tech is scraping art from websites and using it without payment or permission to train on. I wondered if Daily Paintwork has specific and actionable plans to help prevent AI webscraping, including blocking specific AI crawlers with code added to the backend of the website. I am migrating most of my work to CARA, which is a social media site that is apparently using Glaze to cloak digital artwork to protect it somewhat from being scraped by AI. This is a serious issue for artists–even fine artists–for many reasons, including the principle of the thing. I am betting David and Carol are already thinking about how to protect our art as best they can and I would love to hear what solutions they are implementing.


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That is a good question! Unfortunately, there is no way to protect an image that is shown in a browser. There is code that can make it less convenient for a human user to download images, however, even that can be easily worked around by a technically savvy user.

My opinion is not to worry about someone using your images, mostly because there isn’t anything that can be done about it. But also because you aren’t selling the images of your art, you are selling the art itself. I think a good attitude is you have to give away your images to sell your art online. The people who buy original art aren’t likely to buy a digital reproduction from someone else, and those that do, aren’t likely to pay for original art.


Very true. We are in a fortunate position because we create one-of-a-kind originals. People who wanted to buy originals are still going to want to buy originals. AI isn’t going to change that.

This doesn’t mean we can’t use Glaze or Nightshade too. I don’t like the idea of AI gobbling up all of our work for its own nefarious purposes. I feel bad for digital artists who are most affected by all of this.