Is Blogging Still Alive?

Hi everyone.

I was wondering your opinions on art blogs.

I had a blog a while ago but stopped posting on it.
I’ve been thinking about starting a new one up again but now that everyone posts their progress on reels on instagram, I was wondering whether any of you actually think blogs are still relevant and do you read blogs anymore?

What are you thoughts?
Thank you.

Hello, I think blog posts make sense if they are optimized for search. This can drive traffic to your site for many years.


I read James Gurney’s blog every day (GurneyJourney). But that’s the only one now as all the ones I used to follow are no long up-dated. I stopped blogging because I was getting so little traffic I was basically talking to myself. Would be interested to hear what the general view is. I used to enjoy blogs as they allow for more depth and subtlety than Instagram, and the text and pictures fit together better.


I still use a blog on my website, but not the way I used to use it. Before, I wrote a lot more about what I was painting and why. Now, I post a line or two (not necessarily about the art!) along with a picture, and then I add tags and categories as well as links to where to purchase and an invite to sign up for my newsletter.

I use my website as a hub for everything else because I have control over it. FB and Instagram and Pinterest and YouTube can change their rules at any time. This way, anyone can find my work and I can control their experience.

It works for me (although it’s a lot of work! :yum:)


Thanks everyone,

I think I’m going to get my blog going again if only for myself, after all that’s what they were originally.
Since I paint in oils and it can be a good while before I can mail anything out, I think I’m going to use it as a sort of ‘work in progress’ blog so that people can see what’s coming up.

For me, Facebook and Instagram have replaced blogging.

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Yes indeed they have. All we need now is something better to replace them. Any ideas anyone?

Thanks Connie. Actually I think you are right. Since my last post here I’ve been recording my progress on IG. That seeks to be where it’s at now. Not sure I can keep up a blog as well. Thanks for your input.