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Investing in digital art as synergist to analog

I have never used digital art programs to create art, but have wondered the potential value. Before I go all in, could anyone speak intelligently if digital art making is worth it? Does that experience translate well into the analog world? Does it replenish the creativity well or in general save time?


I have used several programs in the past to do illustrations. If you use a Wacom tablet and digitizing pen you can do amazing things. Keeping the hardware and software up to date is expensive. Marketing digital art is entirely a different proposition.

However, I find working with actual media is more satisfying. A useful compromise is to take photos of your work in progress, print it out and try improving it on the paper print. Neocolor works well on adjusting inkjet prints. Neopastel works well on laser prints. Often, adjusting warm-cool color balance or values this way gives me an idea of what a painting needs to make it sing.

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Hi Rosemary, so you would say it’s worth it? Thank you for responding in detail.

I enjoyed it for a few years when I had an income from other sources than art. If you have good art skills and are tech friendly, and have the money to play with, it is fun. However, as a synergist, to analog, not so much more than using a paper sketchbook religiously. My hands really prefer brushing paint freely on a large canvas rather than working on a small digitizing pad and pushing buttons. I have not changed to the touch and swipe screens, so maybe a large size one of those would be more fun.

It is a time saver when doing a lot of black and white illustrations in a hurry. But the look is not the same and marketing is totally different than selling an original painting.

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