International Shipping

I am in USA, and I’ve had buyers from far places buy my art online. I have shipped to many places, the highest postage with rolled painting was still $275. I asked potential buyers to email me first to ask about ship cost and whether I shipped there, but they don’t always. One from Singapore would’ve cost $300 to ship (for a mere 18x24 stretched) which was more than the painting itself cost so I canceled the sale.

I have priced USPS, UPS and FedEx. I take the large paintings off stretcher bars but that incurs extra cost from buyer as well to have it re-stretched. Who do you use for shipping?

Does anyone use large shippers? I have a couple 40x60 stretched pieces that will definitely have to be removed from stretcher bars. Or do they?

(I never been in galleries, just online)

I am in the UK and use our Royal Mail International small parcel service as I am only shipping small paintings up to 12 x 12 inches without frames. Generally I can ship these abroad for around $20. My larger canvases on stretchers are not offered for sale online at the moment as shipping would cost too much. I am reluctant to remove them from the bars so I keep them for exhibitions and open studio events.

Hi Sunny, I am shipping my small paintings from India and using DHL or India post and the price is not much. I have shipped bigger pieces for exhibitions in the US with shipping cost of about 120$, just got lucky to sell those pieces and recover the shipping cost, but otherwise it is not economically viable to ship big pieces internatinally for me. Rolling I think will reduce the cost than stretching but will the rolling damage the work?

I worried about it as well. I am about to unstretch one that love! We will see how that goes. I did some test rolling of art, and I have one that had been rolled for over 6 months, successfully stretched again. This new one though, has a lot more texture and I do love it. I hope it goes well.

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I priced the USPS padded envelopes that ship for about $7 within the US. Did a few sample countries and cost is almost 10 times as much internationally so can’t see doing this as would be 1/3 the price of the 8x10’s I am attempting to sell. Looks like it’s not worth pursuing a broader market unless your work sells for thousands.