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Innovative ideas on how to market your art

  • How do you locate potential buyers?
  • Do you buy advertising? Do you send out mailers?
  • Does the gallery you’re in help to promote you?
  • Do you create all of your own promotions or do you get help?

I’m curious on how you go about it. What works, what doesn’t, what are the pitfalls, how much time/effort do you spend marketing?

Don’t buy any adverts or mailers. Do biz cards.
No gallery would take me (boo hoo). Except for Art Leagues but in one case no real way to show outside of 1 piece per month and the other was a ‘dead’ art league with a few women meeting once a month for tea.

Promote myself on blog, facebook, ebay (don’t recommend), and of course, DPW. DPW does promote new art piece once each but I can be found anytime on my gallery there. They advertise a lot and have a huge following… And other ways of promoting on DPW: discussed here.