Inflation and sales

Has inflation affected overall sales?

Yes, for me, less sales everywhere :(

Here since my return a month ago, no sales

It’s a bit disheartening, for sure! I was wondering why I hadn’t had any sales and then it occurred to me that perhaps inflation. Was the reason. Not as much disposable income.


Inflaton affects everything. First to be affected are non-essentials like art.

When I log on at 7AM Chicago time, there are almost always 13 sales, every day. Sometimes, like today, there are far more than that. I am not seeing a dip in overall sales.

Daphne, your paintings are beautiful. I can’t think why people aren’t buying them.

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I am glad you enjoy my work. I am also wondering where and how you see total sales. That would be interesting to see!

Thanks again!

Oh, hahaha well, I count red dots! There are sometimes fewer, but in general it is steady. That isn’t to say I think the buyers are buying the best pieces, but to each their own I guess. I wish I could buy art~there are several artists I’d collect if I could.

I did see where there by is a link to total sales for the month but a daily count of red dots works too!

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Yes. Last year people were buying my art like crazy. Now people just want a cheap deal or nothing at all. I am taking a break from selling art. If people don’t see the value in what I paint then it’s better to not sell at all. I’m not going to give away original pieces for 10 dollars or less. Get real.

I’m going to hang in there for awhile. A bit disheartening, though. I’m not goiMing to give it away either. I don’t think I charge enough as it is. :woman_shrugging:t2:

I agree, you deserve higher prices for sure.

Thank you. I just took some time to check out prices on art that was selling. Typically the prices were under $50. So I put a couple “on sale.” We will see. Otherwise I might need to go to FASO. I think art that is priced higher might do better. Different audience, maybe. But 1500 pieces have sold in June. Crazy. Thank you for talking to me!

It is a pleasure! That is a lot of sales in June. Wow. Disappointing that they are all under $50, though. What is FASO? I may have to follow you there. :)

This is another platform for selling art but it seems a bit more “upscale.” They offer zoom chats that teach how to get started and so much more. I have set up a gallery and have not activated it yet. There are levels of pricing as well. If I do it I will start with the lowest level and work my way up.

Oh, don’t have high hopes for faso :sweat_smile: you have to bring your people there but faso directly itself does nothing. I own it but did not connect it to my instagram - so only people from faso can find me there. And guess what - I have a few views and zero sales there. Faso can teach you some skills how to attract people - it’s true, yes.

It’s tough times guys. I’m also feeling frustrated about not selling much. Even thinking if I just go sketching in sketchbook - it’s still fun and living creative life, but not painting “for sale”. Because I simply love painting 🥲