Inflation and sales

Has inflation affected overall sales?

Yes, for me, less sales everywhere :(

Here since my return a month ago, no sales

It’s a bit disheartening, for sure! I was wondering why I hadn’t had any sales and then it occurred to me that perhaps inflation. Was the reason. Not as much disposable income.


Inflaton affects everything. First to be affected are non-essentials like art.

When I log on at 7AM Chicago time, there are almost always 13 sales, every day. Sometimes, like today, there are far more than that. I am not seeing a dip in overall sales.

Daphne, your paintings are beautiful. I can’t think why people aren’t buying them.

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I am glad you enjoy my work. I am also wondering where and how you see total sales. That would be interesting to see!

Thanks again!

Oh, hahaha well, I count red dots! There are sometimes fewer, but in general it is steady. That isn’t to say I think the buyers are buying the best pieces, but to each their own I guess. I wish I could buy art~there are several artists I’d collect if I could.

I did see where there by is a link to total sales for the month but a daily count of red dots works too!

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Yes. Last year people were buying my art like crazy. Now people just want a cheap deal or nothing at all. I am taking a break from selling art. If people don’t see the value in what I paint then it’s better to not sell at all. I’m not going to give away original pieces for 10 dollars or less. Get real.

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I’m going to hang in there for awhile. A bit disheartening, though. I’m not goiMing to give it away either. I don’t think I charge enough as it is. :woman_shrugging:t2:

I agree, you deserve higher prices for sure.

Thank you. I just took some time to check out prices on art that was selling. Typically the prices were under $50. So I put a couple “on sale.” We will see. Otherwise I might need to go to FASO. I think art that is priced higher might do better. Different audience, maybe. But 1500 pieces have sold in June. Crazy. Thank you for talking to me!

It is a pleasure! That is a lot of sales in June. Wow. Disappointing that they are all under $50, though. What is FASO? I may have to follow you there. :)

This is another platform for selling art but it seems a bit more “upscale.” They offer zoom chats that teach how to get started and so much more. I have set up a gallery and have not activated it yet. There are levels of pricing as well. If I do it I will start with the lowest level and work my way up.

Oh, don’t have high hopes for faso :sweat_smile: you have to bring your people there but faso directly itself does nothing. I own it but did not connect it to my instagram - so only people from faso can find me there. And guess what - I have a few views and zero sales there. Faso can teach you some skills how to attract people - it’s true, yes.

It’s tough times guys. I’m also feeling frustrated about not selling much. Even thinking if I just go sketching in sketchbook - it’s still fun and living creative life, but not painting “for sale”. Because I simply love painting 🥲

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Are you saying that you sell 13 plus paintings everyday on DPW or elsewhere? If so where is elsewhere?

Gosh no. If only! No, what I said was that I see that at least 13 paintings sell every day on this site, by various artists. I have been tracking that for over a year and it seldom varies.
I have done surprisingly well writing a blog, though, and posting to Facebook.