Including shipping in the price

I’m new to DPW and didn’t know whether to include the price of shipping in the price of the painting.

Hello Cheryl,

Up to this week I have always charged shipping as extra. However, I have changed to free shipping now to see if this makes a difference in sales. I know if I am buying online it is nice to see a product with free delivery, even though I realise the cost must be included in the price.

I shall be interested to hear any comments from other artists.

I have always charged a small shipping fee, but would be interested to see how free shipping works out for Anne. If I did offer free shipping I would have to increase the sale and starting bid prices to off set the difference. One thing I do customers like is if someone buy more than one painting, I only charge one shipping price and refund the extra shipping charges.

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Anne Wood keep us posted on how the free shipping is going. I know at Artspan they suggest Artist use free shipping for within their own country.

I always ship free within the US.

Thanks for the responses.I’d like to ship for free as you all suggested. Where do you add that in the wizard upload or wherever?

I do the same thing that Mary does. I might try going ‘free shipping’ to see if that makes a difference.

Yes Karleen, if I had a multiple sale I would also adjust the shipping cost if the buyer wished. It is too early yet to see how my free shipping is working. I shall keep everyone informed. I have had one sale this week but it might not be on the strength of my free offer.

Hi @woodworks, did the free shipping help your sales?

I really don’t know Sunny. Sales are very slow for me right now. Except the last two plein air studies have both been shipped to USA. paint only just dry!

Is that the shipping? Or because someone likes plein air? :thinking::art:

Slow everywhere. School starting after that, should pick up. Are you anywhere else or just DPW? I forgot…

Only DPW online Sunny. In a gallery here and I am in group shows locally.

And traffic/sales at shows slow too?

Very slow Sunny. In my area anyway.