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Improved Sales With Consistency

(Charlotte Fitzgerald) #1

A year ago I decided to make two changes in an attempt to gain a larger following. I decided to make every effort to post a painting each day and to post these paintings on social media, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. I have been very pleased with the results. It could be that my work has changed because of the consistency of my efforts or I have developed more of a following. I think I have found my own voice in that my work is recognizable as unique to me. It is difficult to discern which factors made a difference or if it was a combination of all those, but I do highly recommend consistency in painting and posting every day and using social media. Sales are a validation that someone values my work enough to buy it.

(Yulia Kazansky) #2

Charlotte, that’s very inspiring to hear! Your paintings are beautiful, I really love your abstracts.

My problem is I can’t finish even a small painting in one day, always overthinking.

(Charlotte Fitzgerald) #3

Thank you for the lovely compliment. I don’t always finish one, but I try. I have also thrown away a lot of unsuccessful attempts. I think each one is another step on the journey that is art.

(Katya Minkina) #4

Such a timely post and reminder!
I am striving to do the same (painting and posting daily), and discovering that it definitely sets something in motion. And if nothing else, daily painting does wonders in terms of artistic growth. When at my easel, I am so amazed at the amount of insights that happen as I move the paint around that wouldn’t have happened otherwise. I feel like I should maybe write stuff down because later on, I can’t recall it in verbal terms. However, I am hoping my hand remembers it all like the hand of a pianist :laughing:

(Charlotte Fitzgerald) #5

It is probably the best thing I ever did for my work. There is just no substitute for daily painting, and small paintings allow you to work out problems on a much smaller scale, and I feel more free to try new things when I don’t have so much time invested.

(Lynne Furrer) #6

This is really interesting and congrats! I looked at some of your pricing and wonder if that’s not also a factor. Looks like $45 for a 6x6. And some are $65? What’s the diff? Can you look back over the year on just the 6x6 size…did the majority sell for $45 or $65? I think price is a huge factor with the daily painting market flooded as it is. You have started to overcome the flooding (yeah!), but looking back and analyzing pricing might reveal another factor. I started my 6x6 at $99, dropped to $75, and now at $49, I’m starting to see them sell. I only do 6x6 now to stay consistent, although I priced my previous 5x7 the same. I’d be curious if we are both seeing this price point as what the market will bear.

(Charlotte Fitzgerald) #7

I sell a fair amount at both price points. I generally put a piece on auction for nine days out of 6 months. Sometimes people take a chance and get it at a better price, and sometimes they miss out on a piece they want. I just do that to generate traffic. They also sometimes buy at the buy it now price. Auction sales have really dropped off this year, so I am not sure what I will do in the future.

(Lynda Davison) #8

Congrats on your > in sales Charlotte :slightly_smiling_face: