Impasto Painting Techniques

What are the best brushes to use to create good impasto painting.

Hi Sian,
I mostly do impasto and use a knife, but loading the brush plays a great deal in getting the thickness rather than the brush itself I guess, here is a video link to how artist Brad Teare loads his brushes for his impasto works, the technique starts from the middle of the video. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the link Padmaja, really helpful. Loved seeing such a liberal use of paint! Hopefully I’ll be inspired to experiment with this and get out of my comfort zone a bit.

Yep, I just use a knife or anything handy on larger canvases.

Thanks Sunny. Used more impasto in my last canvas, felt quite intuitive and helped to keep things loose too. Definitely the direction I want to be heading more.

An artist I know approaches it in another way. Sculmbling instead of the more common knife method. It’s more like dry brush with oils. I’m sure adding a wax or gel medium likely or rare using this technique to keep it thick. His work built up quite a thick layer of paint. It must have been costly for paint. I became layers of color so that colors were as much mixed by your eye as on a pallet. I’m sure they were time consuming because it was not wet on wet but each layer had to dry for him to easily add layers on top.

I would think using a dry brush gives you a bit more control too. Thanks for the info, much appreciated.